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Ultranote (XUN)


Decentralized privacy protected blockchain platform With instant untraceable encrypted messages, Secure CPU efficient ASIC resistant mining. Blockchain deposits with interest.

Suggested by: Eldon

Under consideration

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  • 23 Mar
    Asi Staka

    great project!

  • 23 Mar

    A fantastic project with great potential a dedicated crew which interact with the community in a great way and by that you also have an very alive community

  • 23 Mar
    The Bernd

    UltraNote is one of the too seldom feature rich cryptocurrencies. With great deposit for interest feature an great truely anonumous messaging functions. Much more in active development ...

  • 24 Mar

    A very good dev team that's taking time to make this a solid coin, always active on there social media accounts en always willing to help and give advice.

  • 24 Mar
    Alen B

    The Dev, Admin and community behind this coin are out of this world. Friendly, suppotive and fun! Easy to mine with anything to a Celeron CPU to a pair of Vega's, everybody is included. Anonymity is their forte, completely anonymous file transferring, messaging and contact system, tiered difficulty pools for corresponding hardware and ASIC resistant. What more could you want?

  • 25 Mar

    Great project, very good dev team that's dedicated to make this a solid coin and also very active on their social media.

  • 25 Mar

    Great cryptocurrency with amazing developer support along with a very engaged community.

  • 25 Mar

    Great Project!

  • 27 Mar

    Amazing project with an insane amount of potential growth. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this baby :)

  • 27 Mar

    They started partnerships with a new blockchain company called IAME. Something about retail and merchant.

  • 30 Mar

    Great a DigitalNote(XDN) Clone.. is it on CMC? Lots of potential at $0 market cap.

  • 04 Apr

    We need this please list XUN, we have only $150 volume in 24hrs its great potential.