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We can propose our coin for your stock. We can propose our assistance in Minsk technopark

our coin - Skeincoin. Our community is cryptoenthusiasts. We find developers and create community and find cryptoarea, in which our coin will be usefull

Skeincoin was developed in late 2013 so it's a mature network with an experienced team. Both, team and coin have seen many states of crisis and solved different obstacles. The network proved itself stable but despite of this, the development was paused due to the Mt.Gox crisis. After years of pausing the team started working on the coin again and developed the core on track with Bitcoins new features. While Bitcoin has problems with miner wars and high transaction prices as well as low transaction speeds, the availability of Skeincoin is high, with over 16mio of 17mio coins already mined, the community is loyal and the transactions are cost efficient and fast. Skeincoin is now looking into different ways of integration into the gaming world

Suggested by: Yevhen Adamenko

Under consideration

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  • 19 Mar

    Это очень хороший и долгосрочный проект, официально зарегистрирован, имеющий огромные перспективы развития!

  • 20 Mar

    é um Ótimo Projeto Realmente estarei neste também vamos votar sim

  • 20 Mar


  • 21 Mar

    Das Team arbeitet seit dem Reboot Ende letzten Jahres durchgängig an der Walletentwicklung wodurch beinahe jeden Monat ein neues Wallet erschienen ist. Im März ist v12.1 mit CSV veröffentlicht worden, und vor April wird v.13 mit SegWit (!) erwartet :)

  • 22 Mar

    Project has a close to perfect background. Development team has been doing a great job. Applications and partnerships are upcoming within 2-3 months. High potential coin

  • 11 Apr

    Just found this treasure. A couple of hundred of dollars will make you a whale in less than a year. #SKC #Yes

  • 21 Apr

    bluepaper release soon :)

  • 22 Apr

    High potential, right technology and motivated and professional team. Do like them.