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CasinoCoin ($CSC)


A digital currency for the
regulated online gaming sector
Users, Regulators & Operators: Connected.

Suggested by: Marco

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  • 05 Apr
    Gretchen Hasenoehrl

    Can't find a coin with better utility. Development and foundation are creating a lasting product and brand.

  • 07 Apr

    Agree wholeheartedly with GH! CasinoCoin will help lead the way for cryptocurrencies by truly adding value to an actual market - the huge and growing international online and brick and mortar gaming market. Explore CasinoCoin's many innovations at

  • 07 Apr

    One of the few projects out there that can showcase the benefits of blockchains in igaming, taking interconnectivity to a new level whilst keeping all parties safe and in keeping with regulations with its BRM.

  • 15 Apr

    Great Future. Go ahead CSC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 16 Apr
    tarek saad

    As a student of Engineering Economics, 99% of altcoins are over valued! CSC is that 1% coin with a team doing things the RIGHT way! Creating a real value, before capturing actual value! thats how you do things in the world of business! full support to csc!

  • 18 Apr

    Solves the problems of the regulated gambling industry. Allows instant transfer in/out of operators (casinos, poker rooms, etc.), so a player can have a single stash. Players only need to verify once using Jumio. So, operators get access to a market of pre-verified, pre-funded players removing all friction for new players, and all chargebacks. Regulators get an immutable papertrail to stop money laundering and tax evasion. And the team are industry insiders (PokerStars). And the downside is?

  • 18 Apr
    keto growth

    Maybe one of the most underrated projects in all of crypto.

  • 18 Apr

    CasinoCoin is a coin with real world use.

  • 18 Apr

    The Bank Roll Manager will revolutionize Gaming. It Provides fast and easy KYC for the end user. no more filling out your info on every site you go to. Easily switch between sites, no more having to pull money from and then transfer to multiple sites. Eventually will be accepted at Brick and Morter Casino's.

  • 18 Apr
    terry danter

    Even as a non gambler I can see the huge potential here

  • 20 Apr
    Jack K

    Love the CSC Casino coin been believer and been HODL ing since 2014. Would like to see the team expand. We need more user of CSC.
    Would like to see the team do more advertising.