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Pinkstar was born on January 10, 2018, from an idea of ​​Giacomo Solinas, a 33-year-old Sardinian boy, passionate about technology. Pinkstar is born because the crypto will be the future, but even today there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, there are very few that are born to become a method of payment, 99% of the coins, were created only to enrich the creators and earn only from the rise in exchanges. Pinkstar will be listed on the exchanges to be evaluated and then become a method of payment, thanks to the site that will be created in the future, which will allow individuals and companies to sell their products and receive payments exclusively in PNKS, in fact Pinkstar will be the only accepted payment method. But Pinkstar is not just online, Android / IOS wallets will be created to allow future payments to be made conveniently in physical stores.

Suggested by: Giacomo Solinas

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  • 06 Mar

    Actively developing, balanced, protected coin on the popular cryptonight algorithm. We look forward to the dev team with hope, and believe that the project will receive a well-deserved recognition among the miners, traders and the community as a whole.

  • 06 Mar

    very good coins and hopefully be the best coins in the future

  • 06 Mar

    Pinkstarcoin will be a great coin because devs are excellent people and very motivated, specially the founder

  • 06 Mar

    I hope that the Pink Star Coin will be the most representative currency in the world.

  • 06 Mar

    i hope pinkstarcoin succedd to be a future coin for payment around the world

  • 06 Mar

    Very devoted developer and growing community. Please add this coin to your site.

  • 06 Mar

    good community and busy developer

  • 06 Mar

    i think this good on the future, to build cryptonight with colorfull, look admin always active and always update for development on the future
    so, this next go to moon :D

  • 06 Mar

    The developers are very dedicated to the Pinkstarcoin and are active and helpful in the community.

  • 07 Mar

    Pinkstar is a new cryptocurrency with a very active development team compared to others. I believe the future of this coin is as bright as a star!

  • 07 Mar

    Number one Alt coin out there and the best community coin most definitely

  • 07 Mar

    Well done developing, so far so good.
    Hopefully with dev to make this coin bright like a star. We'll support to make our dream come true.

  • 07 Mar

    This coin is an interesting project

  • 07 Mar

    Great cryptonight coin. Hope all the best for it.

  • 07 Mar

    interesting coin and the whole project, devout developer and growing community!

  • 07 Mar

    Pinkstar is a promising cryptocurrency

  • 07 Mar

    New and very promising coin here. Dev is working hard to get it listed. Community is growing and more people are becoming aware of it.
    The future seems very bright for PINKSTARCOIN !!!!

  • 07 Mar

    Pinkstar is a coin in active development and with a rapidly growing community, I hope to see it soon listed in this site.

  • 08 Mar

    Very nice coin. Vote:)

  • 08 Mar

    This is the coin that I have been working hard for the most time. I tried to do the transfer myself, but the speed is really fast, and above all, the developer's personal philosophy is really a coin to praise. This is a really good coin.

  • 08 Mar

    I hope Pinkstar is going to be the next anonym top cryptocurrency :)

  • 08 Mar

    Hope in this currency!

  • 08 Mar

    This started as yet another copy-and-paste-currency, but the community makes it a coin with a future. Still small at the moment, but with lots of great potential!

  • 09 Mar

    I believe pinkstarcoin can be a second XMR. Really good devs team...Thanks devs...

  • 09 Mar

    I really believe that this coin will grow in the future!

  • 10 Mar

    add more exchange please

  • 11 Mar

    Good community!! ❤️✨❤️

  • 15 Mar


  • 18 Mar

    The PinkStar Dev's are working hard to get this coin to hit the good times, great potential for the future with an ever growing community.
    PNKS truly deserves to be listed amongst the best of the new coins

  • 21 Mar

    The pool should be encouraged to avoid pool hoppers.

  • 27 Mar
    Mika Lindqvist

    A lot of CryptoNight coins become unusable just few days after launch because network difficulty jumps up to the sky due to Nicehash and private mining pools, and time between blocks increases exponentially when bigger miners hop to another coin after quick profits. Pinkstar Coin is still minable with common hardware so the network stays usable and transfers are processed in reasonable time.

  • 29 Mar

    PNKS is the way to HODL

  • 02 Apr

    awesome project , i belive in it

  • 19 Apr

    very very nice pinkstarcoin