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Obsidian ODN


The Obsidian vision is about unrivalled private communication through the combination of a secure messenger application with the Obsidian ODN cryptographic coin enabling a decentralised communication network. Such a platform will enforce resilience against attacks on its communication network through a community of decentralised nodes, hosted by anyone, participants receiving Obsidian ODN coins in return.
The Obsidian ODN coin is a Bitcoin-derived cryptocurrency for popular use in payments. It uses the more energy efficient SHA-512 hash algorithm to optimize for use on mobile devices and improved quantum computing resilience. It uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus strategy and pays a block reward of 20 ODN, which is equivalent to an interest rate of about 10%.
In addition to that, Obsidian ODN is the currency that powers the Obsidian Secure Anonymous Messenger platform, which allows for sending end-to-end encrypted messages, media, and files.

Suggested by: Pelsjager

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  • 24 Feb

    It already has a working messenger which beats signal, telegram and the rest of the bunch out of the ballpark security wise. It requires no contact info to try and it's close to playstore release for android. Big news coming end of Q1 as the entire platform behind the coin takes shape for other applications to run and expand on the messenger's technology.

  • 06 Mar


  • 19 Mar

    ODN very impressed by confirmation time