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Hive project(HVN)


Hive (HVN) uses blockchain (distributed ledger) technology to give every issued invoice a unique fingerprint. This enables businesses to automate the invoicing process and make it available to the general public. We create a central data room for all invoices, with a record kept of the issuer, owner and payer. Invoices can therefore be offered to the market for trading. This will rapidly increase the liquidity available to small businesses and create a central database of invoices available for scoring and auditing. In addition to bridging the liquidity gap for small businesses, the technology provided by Hive will help credit checks to be made on companies and facilitate rapid and real-time auditing.

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  • 24 Feb

    Great project with real product

  • 24 Feb

    So sick to see what they have done so far. Keeping promises, getting things done on time, like they say. Gangster demo. Big deals done. Let's hear it for old fashioned business principles standing the test of time!

  • 24 Feb
    steve nico williams

    Strong project with business fundamentals, and amazing team. Platform starts in Q2, wih important multinational ERP deal already in place, and others in works.

  • 24 Feb

    Just the best!

  • 24 Feb

    Great Project, New large exchange in Q1, Q2 Platform goes live. Deals for target markets already in place :-). Future is looking very bright for this coin.

  • 24 Feb

    Its crazy not to invest Hive Project will change finance buissnes forever with the blockchain teknologi.

  • 24 Feb
    CPU Mechanic

    The Hive Project (HVN) will bring millions of businesses the financial liquidity they need to survive and thrive by allowing you and I (not the banks that caused the 2008 crash) to profit while providing it to them. Partnerships, ERP deals around the globe, platform launch in Q2

  • 25 Feb

    Partnership with Adacta (an ERP provider) and more to come at latin america plus turkey are very big step toward global adaption. This is solid project. SME will soon have blockchain solution for its liquidity problem. Launching at Q2 this year will mark hive project as the first of its kind.

  • 26 Feb

    Hive Project (HVN), the first blockchain-based platform to provide SMEs around the world with fast and low-cost liquidity.

    Feel free to join the official telegram group if you want to know more!

  • 02 Mar
    Nicolas Lemaitre

    I don't really need to over sale the project, anyone who wants to know more about it: See by yourself, make your own diligence and I tell you really soon, "Welcome to the family!"

  • 02 Mar

    Strong team, strong fundamentals, strong partnerships and strong community all pushing into a huge market. Go HIVE Project!

  • 05 Mar

    Strong points about Hive Project:
    - Strong fundamentals
    - Real use case: invoices factoring
    - Experienced team
    - Partnerships with Lendoit, InsurePal and FintruX
    - Deal with leading ERP Adacta (Gold Microsoft Dynamics partner) covering CEE & Russia.
    - Signed letters of intent covering the huge Turkish and Latin American markets
    - Demo out on December 2017 running on private Ethereum network
    - Platform live worldwide by the end of Q2 2018
    - $ 3T and growing market
    - New major exchange on Q1 2018

  • 10 Mar

    Hive Project is definitely a token that we will see succeed this year, live demo out at end of 2017 and platform coming in Q2 2018.
    Hive will revolutionize invoice factoring and will give much needed liquidity to small businesses all around the globe

  • 14 Mar

    No list scam